BrushPicks UK ℅ Revolve Distribution

BrushPicks UK ℅ Revolve Distribution

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Purchase BrushPicks Direct

You can now purchase your brushpicks direct from us.

Postage is a flat rate of £2 within the UK.


Why Use the Doctor’s BrushPicks®

Daily use of The Doctor's® BrushPicks® will produce a noticeable improvement in your oral health in just two weeks.

  1. Improved with Plyalene® for longer bristles.
  2. Extends between teeth gently and easily.
  3. Brushes away debris.
  4. Stimulates gums.
  5. Will not harm dental and bridge work.
  6. Maneuvers and is held easily.
  7. Safely scrapes away plaque.

The Doctor's BrushPicks 60 Packet 60 Picks Buy Online UK

The Doctor's® BrushPicks® 60s


This pack contain's 60 of the Doctor's BrushPicks.

Cost £2.75 per pack

(+£2.00 postage)